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I Fly Tandem

Flying in a tandem paraglider


 Adrenaline and fun in Total Safety!

As well as the fun, we have the best procedures, awards and professionalism. If you love to try and explore new experiences or feel that you want an exhilarating day out, then we are waiting for you  for a fantastic Tandem Paragliding flight in the Brenta Dolomites at Molveno Lake and Andalo in Trentino.

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In the heart of Trentino

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Flight area


Flight area

Andalo Winter

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Tandem paragliding flight with instructor

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Comments from who
flew with us

E’ stata una delle esperienza più emozionanti che abbia mai provato! BELLISSIMO!!!! In pochi secondi il timore svanisce e la sensazione che si prova non saprei paragonarla ad altro se non a uno spettacolo in 3D visto in prima fila, seduto comodamente in poltrona! Mai avrei creduto di rilassarmi in aria, fluttuando dolcemente in mezzo alle nuvole e alle montagne.


Thanks for the wonderful Photos of our tandemflight in Molveno last Monday. Shaya and I really loved it and were really glad to receive this SD Card. Here are some pictures you might like to use for your website. I will send another mail with some more pictures, otherwise it might take too much space.

Kind regards and maybe we’ll come back one time.


Cosciente di dove mi trovavo ma incapace di realizzarlo al 100% ho trascorso i miei 15 minuti circa di volo con un sorriso ebete stampato in faccia, che si è alternato ad espressioni di gioia e paura quando Luca ha iniziato a dilettarsi nelle evoluzioni con la vela tra oscillazioni e spirali da mozzare il fiato.
L’atterraggio è avvenuto anche troppo presto: avrei voluto stare lì in alto ancora un po’ a godermi quell’emozione unica, quella sensazione di leggerezza e libertà che ancora adesso mi fa battere il cuore e venire le farfalle nello stomaco.


Ho effettuato il mio primo volo in parapendio biposto sotto la guida del favoloso pilota-istruttore Stefano. E’ stato semplicemente stupendo, regalandomi momenti di emozioni fortissime condite da una sensazione di pura gioia. Ringrazio tutto lo staff di I Fly Tandem ed in particolare Stefano per la sua professionalità e simpatia.
Grazie di cuore a tutti.


Ma ke c’è’ nel volo?
Per 30 anni il massimo per me era l’acqua nuotare immergermi guardare pesci…..insomma fare il pesce, avevo una curiosità, provare a volare, l’ho fatto. Semplicemente fantastico e molto molto magico, ora nuoto ma penso ke vorrei volare… meeeee!!!!!! Grazie ma quanto ci vuole x ritornare in me? Un bacio.


Weekend magnifico! Rafting è divertentissimo e hydrospeed da kamikaze…non puoi uscire senza lividi, ma è simolante anche per quello!
Poi se a questi aggiungi anche il volo iniziale…direi weekend difficilmente eguagliabile! Ancora grazie mille!
Se capito nuovamente su a Molveno (FORSE un giorno a Settembre) verrò all’atterraggio a salutarvi!


Grazie per avermi fatto vivere questa esperienza indimenticabile! Dico semplicemente che per capire che il cielo è azzurro dappertutto non è necessario fare il giro del mondo…basta andare sul meraviglioso lago di Molveno e volare con I FLY Tandem…. spero di volare prestooooooo



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General questions about tandem flight

Through the instructor’s advice and various explanations, you will develop a better vision and the correct attitude to be maintained while carrying out a sports activity with a strong adrenaline component. The situational activity in flight in addition to the fun and recreational side, is aimed at improving one’s ability to approach and adapt to these types of “extreme” sports.

There are 2 flight periods:


  • During the SUMMER period we are active every day of the week (weather permitting) from the third week of May to mid-October in conjunction with the opening / closing of the Molveno ski lifts. In the SPRING period we are still available on the weekends, in this case just contact us for information on availability.
  • During the WINTER period, the activity is organized from the town of ANDALO (5 minutes by car from Molveno), from the beginning of December until the ski lifts close in April. (It is also possible to fly with your skis on).

Once the paragliding activity gift card is active (i.e. you have made the payment) the applicant only needs to contact us to put the activity in the diary on the date he/she wishes. Then, one or two days before the activity is due to take place, according to the weather forecast, we will confirm the date, otherwise it will be postponed to a new date.

The total duration between meeting, journey to the take-off with the van and / or ski lifts, pre-flight preparation and explanation, flight and post-flight is approximately one and a half / two hours. N.B. Free flight is an activity strictly dependent on weather conditions, based on the specific needs of the pilots – instructors, there may be changes and / or delays.

The tandem flight can be done by anyone who would like to try it.    You only need a love of trying something new and a sense of adventure and enthusiasm .. It does not take a particular predisposition or physical preparation. The passenger does not require special flight knowledge. The only exception is the passenger’s weight between a minimum of 30 kg (minimum 8 years of age) and a maximum of 100 kg.

If you are a minor, you must have the written consent of your parents (filling in the pre-printed form for consent to activities for minors) otherwise you do not need any permission and no particular certificate. For those who have or have had particular physical problems, please notify the instructor before planning the first tandem flight.

The pilots and instructors of the Team qualified for tandem flight have many tandems at their disposal, so it is possible to organize “group” flights following the same flight plan. It will also be possible to make close flights where it will be possible to talk and take photos between the two crews.

Paragliding flights, if undertaken superficially and without the correct knowledge, in the same way as many other sports, can be dangerous. It should be emphasized that paragliding flights must be practiced safely. The paragliders themselves are now certified with strict safety criteria by Competent International Bodies. For paragliders approved and used correctly, or in any case, within the established safety limits, accidents caused by structural failures are practically nil. In any case, to get out of serious situations at the last minute, the pilots have a two-seater emergency parachute in the harness that can be activated in case of glider malfunction. It must be emphasized that the pilot qualified to fly in Tandem paragliding has the safety of the passenger as the very first rule. Any unsafe condition assumes the non-practicability of the flight itself. The pilot can decide at any time not to take off or to interrupt the flight if he deems it appropriate or if he considers that the weather conditions could compromise a safe flight.

The pilot authorized to carry the Passenger is responsible for his own flight conduct and is required by law to take out insurance coverage that covers in the event of pilot and passenger damage. Each individual pilot has their own insurance coverage.

For summer flights it is recommended to wear mountain boots, alternatively trekking shoes, a windproof jacket, long pants and sunglasses.  We do have the windproof jackets of the Association to be used by the Passengers. (NO CHILDREN SIZES) For winter flights it is recommended to wear ski clothing, warm boots (or skis on your feet), warm gloves, neck warmer, goggles or sunglasses.