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Passion for flying

Over 20 years of experience

The IFlyTandem Team is composed first of all by active people who are passionate about free flight. Pilots and Instructors qualified by the Aero Club Italia "AeCi" with a very high standard of preparation and professionalism including Stefano Sottroi, National Free Flight Instructor, and part of the Italian National Paragliding European Champion Team 2004. Piero Franchini great connoisseur of flights in the Dolomites areas. Moreno Parmesan pilot - athlete in Hike & Fly competitions. Gianni Faccini, an expert in the discipline of SpeedFly. Samuel Cristoforetti and Piergiorgio Camiciottoli, both international World Cup competition pilots. All will guarantee you an activity dedicated to fun, adrenaline and amazement in total safety. The long and proven experience of over 20 years in the organization of situational activities in tandem paragliding, using always new and up to date flight equipment. Together with an effective secretarial organization managed by the efficient Ski Instructor Silvia Lanfranchi. I FLY TANDEM TEAM is a Top choice at national level for those who want to get close to this wonderful activity, even for just one day!
I Fly Tandem

Our Team

Stefano Sottroi

VL Pilot – Qualified two-seater – Instructor

Piero Franchini

VL Pilot – Qualified two-seater

Gianni Faccini

VL Pilot – Qualified two-seater

Silvia Lanfranchi

Secretarial & Activity Planning

Moreno Parmesan

VL Pilot – Qualified two-seater

Samuel Cristoforetti

VL Pilot – Qualified two-seater

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