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I Fly Tandem

Our Activities

Emotion and Adrenaline among the Dolomites

For everyone aged 8 and over


The activities we offer have been designed and planned to make them accessible to anyone who would like to fly.  No particular experience or training  is required. It is suitable for individuals, couples, groups of friends and also for the whole family. If necessary, to enrich and customize the experience according to your needs and wishes, we offer VIP Extra services.

For those interested in booking the experience, please contact us a little in advance so that we can organize the trip based on the ideal weather forecast for the flight

150 €

Standard Easy 140€

“Soft” easy flight suitable for everyone from 13 to 80 years of age (maximum passenger weight 100 kg). No particular experience or preparation is required. The instructor will explain all the necessary steps.   The take-off takes place on a gently sloping grass area, there are no jumps into a steep drop.   You will take off gradually and with only a few steps then find yourself in flight seated in a comfortable harness.  In this activity the Pilot will perform an “easy” acclimatization flight lasting approximately fifteen minutes, the turns will be performed very gradually without aerobatic manouvers, gliding gently down to the valley.   Total duration of the Activity. (between meeting – take off – preparation – flight – post flight) about 80 minutes.


Standard Plus 165€

Activity awarded "Top Experience Paganella" 2019 - 2020 and 2021

This is an additional option to the EASY activity, it will take advantage of the updrafts found and then cross over the Molveno lake or the Andalo area and Paganella plateau.

We will plan the best experience we can offer you based on thermal conditions, your readiness to fly and your expectations.

The duration in flight can be up to double the Easy Activity from twenty to thirty minutes. During the summer the thermal conditions are more active so this is the best activity to try!  Total duration of the activity (between meeting – take off – preparation – flight – post flight) about 90 minutes.

175 €

Fun 165€

In the first part of this Activity the updrafts will be used a little, and then in the second part of the flight, once the  Lake Molveno or the plain of Andalo are reached, gradual turns and maneuvers will be carried out and more dynamic like the “Wing-Over” and the “Rhythmic Spiral” this is an easy and fun introduction to an acrobatic flight. Approximate duration in flight 20 min.

The flight time depends a lot on the type of dynamic maneuvers that will be performed since you descend in altitude more quickly and consequently the flight time is reduced.

Total duration of the Activity (between meeting point – take off – preparation – flight – post flight) about 90 minutes.


Kids Fly 130€

Including Certificate of Participation

Easy and Fun specific activity for kids from 8 to 12 years of age. This experience is highly recommended!

The activity is organized mainly in the morning when the winds are light and allows us to fly very “soft”.  In the gliding flight phase lasting around ten / fifteen minutes, the turns will be performed in a very gradual manner without aerobatic or dynamic manoeuvers. Depending on the child, a small size equipment and harness will be used. Minimum required weight of the child 30kg.

This includes Certificate of Participation. – The child must be accompanied by a parent who must fill out and sign the form for the consent to the activity provided by us.

Total duration of the Activity (between meeting – take off – preparation – flight – post flight) about 80 minutes.

215 €

Hike & Fly Prada 205€

Tandem ascent on foot with return flight

This activity allows you to savour the uniqueness of the ascent on foot at first light in the morning in one of the most scenic areas of the Brenta Dolomites and then fly down to the valley in a Tandem Paragliding flight.

Outline programme:

Meet in Molveno in the morning at 7.15 am, at our office in the centre of Molveno, at 7.30 am departure with an off-road Jeep that will take us to the “Prada” area above the town of San Lorenzo in Banale at an altitude of 1500 meters.    Then the division of the backpacks where each participant must carry a backpack weighing about 7/8 kg. We will proceed on an easy path up to an altitude of 1850 meters. (approximately 350 meters of vertical difference in height) approximately one hour of walking on an easy path on a grassy surface. Once the arrival point has been reached, we will move on to the take-off preparation phase. Once in flight, you will fly over the WEST shore of Lake Molveno where you can enjoy the first morning thermal ascents that go up the Dolomite slopes and then land in Molveno. The flight is spread over a total height difference of about 1000 meters and will take around  twenty-five minutes.

For this activity, adequate physical fitness and a minimum awareness for mountain environments is required. We recommend the use of telescopic trekking poles (if not equipped, we can supply them).

Appropriate clothing and shoes are required for alpine walking. We recommend a spare T-Shirt + 0.5 litre drink.

Total duration of the activity about two and a half hours.

Services VIP EXTRA

These are a series of additional services to our normal In-Flight activities.   By customizing the experience to make it even more exclusive, detailed and original.

Contact us for a personalized quote on your wishes!

Send us your request and we can organise this for you!!

  • Activities for birthday parties or special events.
  • Activities for stag / hen parties.
  • Team Building Activities.
  • Activities for handicapped people.
  • Simultaneous group tandem flights for more than 3 people.
  • Long-term tandem flights at high altitude in the Brenta Dolomites.
  • Personalised Hike & Fly (trekking + flight).
  • Tandem flight activities in transfer to other flight areas in Italy.
  • Special declarations or marriage proposals in flight.
  • Pick-Up Service: we will pick you up and then take you back to your accommodation or hotel.
  • Professional video editing optimized for social media: € 49
  • Immediate professional printing of the most successful photos: 12 pcs € 15
  • Gift Box with T-Shirt, Bandana and Printed Gift Voucher: € 25
  • Giant Gift Voucher 1 mt Printed on Forex: € 49

All activities include

Service shooting video in high definition + high resolution photos in wide angle GO-PRO camera, the top for outdoor shooting. The video material + photos will be delivered on a new SD-card immediately at the end of the activity. MORE INFO

  • Personalized bandana/tubular in technical fabric to be used as mask/under helmet, colors at choice.
  • Certificate of participation (on request)

High definition video shooting service

Wide-angle photos on GO-PRO camera

New SD card containing your memories

I Fly Tandem custom bandana

Totem photo

Print your best memories!

At the end of the activity you can access with your SD card to our totem for professional prints. (one print is free and the others at a discounted price)

Extra costs NOT included

Lift ticket for the take-off area to be paid on site.

Reduced prices: Molveno 9€ – Andalo 11€

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